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Zeck vs. Colonel Destroyer

A hidden civilization has launched a global surprise attack (again), and Zeck and his cohorts find themselves drafted into service by a sadistic madman. Will they find a way to keep the world from being devoured by an army of meaty clones? If it takes a monster to stop a monster, will any of them make it out alive?

The thrilling second installment in the Zeck series follows our adventurers into the secret heart of the Forsaken Quarter, where few have ever gone, and from which none have yet returned.

Zeck vol One Cover.jpg


In a forsaken wasteland of volcanic rock, there are plenty of perils to worry about already. When war breaks out between the Churlian Empire and a forgotten enemy from their dark history, a group of prisoners will have to join forces with their captors in order to survive. 

Filled with dark humor, Zeck is the first installment in an exciting new series of action and adventure, spanning the depth and breadth of time and space.