Shiny New Website

Welcome to the new home of Whatnot, etc! I've made this switch ahead of the release of my first book, Zeck. It's a darkly humorous sci-fi/fantasy adventure about a group of prisoners who have to team up with their captors to survive an attack in the middle of a rocky wasteland. And there are some, er, weaponized spiders, homunculi, and robot horses. Coming soon!

If you've read my blog before and want to access old posts for any reason, you can still see them at . Yes, Typepad. Don't ask why. I do not recall why I chose to start my website on Typepad, but I must have had my reasons. Look, Typepad served me well for the past few years, but now I need something a little different. The Typepad page works well as a blog, but that's about it. I wouldn't necessarily recommend Typepad to anybody, but I'm not going to put them down, either. Needle threaded.

This blog will be a continuation of the old one, meaning it will sometimes be about my many neuroses, sometimes about projects I'm working on, and sometimes about a cool spider I saw and found equally fascinating and terrifying. In the coming weeks and months, I will also be rolling out new video content and possibly a web store.

New video content will always include new episodes of Miscellanea. This time, I'm working on a themed series of Miscellanea episodes. I will take one ingredient and do several different things to it, all of them food-related. I also have half of an idea for a video contest. As far as I can tell, it's something that hasn't been done before, so I'm working on making it into a whole idea.

That's it for now. Release date for Zeck coming soon, pending final proof of the hard copy.

Stay classy.